INOR Bernadette Donovan-Merkert, Michelle Millar  Sunday, March 21, 2010 

446 - Electrochemistry and reactivity of ferrocenylphosphines

Ashley R Seibert1,, Chip Nataro1, W. Scott Kassel2, William G Dougherty2, David S Glueck3, Matthew F Cain3. (1) Department of Chemistry, Lafayette College, Easton, PA 18042, United States, (2) Department of Chemistry, Villanova University, Villanova, PA 19085, United States, (3) Department of Chemistry, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755, United States

There is a
long-standing interest in the electrochemistry of phosphines with ferrocene
backbones. We have chosen to investigate
the structure and electrochemistry of two classes of ferrocenylphosphines. The first class includes compounds with
methylene spacer groups between the phosphorus and ferrocene backbone. The previously synthesized compounds [FcCH2)4P+][I-],
[(FcCH2)3PH+][BF4-], and
(FcCH2)P were examined. The
oxidative electrochemistry is complicated and strongly depends on the
supporting electrolyte used.

The second class
consists of 1,1'-bis(diaminophosphino)ferrocene (dapf) derivatives. Two types of compounds containing dapf were
synthesized and examined. In the first
type, the dapf serves as a bidentate ligand in [MCl2(dapf)] (where M
= Pd or Pt). The second type consists of
phosphine chalcogenides of the form dapfE2 (where E = Se or S). Electrochemistry of the Pt, Pd, and S
compounds was straightforward, whereas the electrochemistry of the Se compound
was complicated. X-ray crystallographic
studies of the S and Se compounds have been performed.

Sunday, March 21, 2010 07:00 PM
Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis and Characterization (07:00 PM - 09:00 PM)
Location: The Moscone Center
Room: Hall D

Monday, March 22, 2010 08:00 PM
Sci-Mix (08:00 PM - 10:00 PM)
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