CHAL Justin Hasford, Krista Bianco  Thursday, March 31, 2011 

43 - Key sources for pharmaceutical and chemical literature and patent searching

Elaine N. Cheeseman PhD Department of Science IP, Chemical Abstracts Service, Columbus, OH, United States

Searching on the free patent and literature databases available on the web does give access to some patent and non-patent information. The free databases include full-text patent databases from various patent offices and some literature databases such as PubMed and Google Scholar. However, when comprehensive information is needed (such as for Freedomto-Operate or patentability searches) or when making key research decisions, it is important to use the most comprehensive sources available. These sources feature value-added content and flexible search techniques. The key databases for pharmaceutical literature and patent searching offer enhanced abstracts, detailed concept indexing, and structure indexing. Comprehensive structure searching can be done in both the exemplified compound databases and the Markush databases. Sequence, polymer, and reaction searching can also be done on STN databases. STN includes a number of full-text patent databases and supports flexible search features such as duplicate removal, uploading large groups of synonyms, and customizable proximity operators. STN hosts databases that provide access to key scientific content while enabling a wide range of flexible search techniques.

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