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23 - Chemical indexing as a precision tool for relevant patent retrieval

John Zabilski,, Chemical Abstracts Service, Columbus, Ohio 43210, United States

As the amount of prior art in chemistry and related sciences continues to grow exponentially, it has become increasingly difficult to precisely target the relevant documents relating to the invention you are prosecuting.

For more than one hundred years, patent searchers have used chemical indexing systems from CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) to guide their way through the ever increasing onslaught of published documents. CAS indexing extracts out the novel aspects from the world's disclosed chemical research in more than 33 million documents from 61 patent authorities;10,000 non-patent literature sources as well as web, dissertation, and other sources. Frequently, the quality of the original is also improved by correcting errors and including concepts not completely described in the document.

Discover how this curated resource of chemical and related scientific information can be utilized to pinpoint relevant prior art and evaluate selected documents.

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