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22 - CAS databases as key sources of pharmaceutical information

Elaine N Cheeseman,, Department of Science IP, Chemical Abstracts Service, United States

The most comprehensive sources of chemistry and pharmaceutical research information on the STN®, the preferred service for patent and other professional scientific searchers. STN includes the world's most authoritative chemistry databases from Chemical Abstracts Service, full-text patent databases, and additional valued-added bibliographic databases from respected content providers. Powerful, yet flexible search capabilities are required to find relevant information, because much of today's published pharmaceutical information revolves around specific drug substances, endogenous proteins, nucleic acids, and/or the interactions between them. In patent literature, early-stage drug candidates are often disclosed only by structure, and sometimes the structure is embedded in a Markush group. Searching for drugs or drug candidates requires a multi-pronged approach: search by structure in exemplified compound databases (such as CAS REGISTRYSM and CAplusSM) and in Markush databases (such as MARPAT®); and search by name in the indexed bibliographic and full-text patent databases. By using STN to search, users can efficiently locate information of interest and analyze the retrieved results with advanced tools such as STN® ViewerTM, STN® AnaVistÔ, and Analyze/AnalyzePlus.

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