CHED Julianne Smist, Irvin Levy, Tyson Miller  Tuesday, September 10, 2013 

365 - Engaged physics learning through undergraduate research, undergraduate teaching, and SPS activities

Kiril A. Streletzky,, Department of Physics, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH 44115, United States

According to the American Institute of Physics (AIP), the undergraduate research (UR) is crucial for clarification of graduate school intentions and refinement of career plans for physics majors (AIP Report [R-211.32, June 2004]). However, evaluating the pedagogical benefits of learning through a research experience is somewhat challenging. The efforts to integrate UR into the physics curriculum of an urban state university and to evaluate its perceived pedagogical benefits will be presented in this talk. In particular, it was found that UR significantly helps the personal/professional development of students, cultivates their social/networking/communicative skills, in addition to providing clarification to their career/educational goals. The conclusions are substantiated by student and alumni interviews and compared to available literature. To deepen the interest in physics, our majors are also encouraged to participate in teaching intro physics labs and be engaged in vibrant activities of the Society of Physics Students (SPS), which include outreach, student seminars, professional conferences, and physics competitions. The interplay between UR, teaching experience, and SPS activities provides a comprehensive foundation for engaged physics learning of our undergraduates.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 04:45 PM
Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules (01:30 PM - 05:05 PM)
Location: Indianapolis Marriott Downtown
Room: Florida/Illinois


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